Japan Nichia(Riya) releases 200MW high power UVC LED

 In September 21st, sun Ya chemical released 280nm high radiation flux density UVC LED product NCSU434B, which can inactivate all kinds of viruses and bacteria including COVID-19, and has entered the mass production stage.

On October 6, Riya announced the start of mass production of another high radiation flux UVC LED product nc4u334br, with a size of 6.8mm x 6.8mm and a wavelength of 280nm. Under the condition of 7.8w input power, the typical radiation flux is up to 200MW, which can be used to inactivate various bacteria and viruses, especially for industrial water and air purification.

Riya pointed out that in the past, mercury lamps were used for sterilization and disinfection in industrial water, air purification and other application scenarios, but mercury lamps need time to reach full power operation. In contrast, LEDs can be switched on and off immediately, significantly reducing standby power.

Riya said that nc4u334br UVC LED can significantly improve the sterilization effect without affecting the service life. Previously, the use of fully available radiation flux in a given space was limited, and the advent of nc4u334br stimulated the development opportunities of UVC led in the field of industrial water and air purification.

Recently, Nichia has successively launched two UVC LED products with high radiation flux. In the future, Nichia will continue to develop UVC LED products with higher performance and reliability to help realize a mercury free and carbon free society through energy conservation.

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