What is high voltage LED Flexible Strip Light ?

The high-voltage lamp belt has better flexibility, and the packaging of each roll can reach 100 meters, while the packaging of low-voltage lamp belt can only be 10 meters per roll at most, so as to reduce the attenuation of transmission power.

Service life: due to the high voltage of the high-voltage lamp belt, the heating capacity of the unit of the lamp belt is very large, which has a great impact on the service life of the high-voltage lamp belt, so its service life is within 10000 hours. The low-voltage lamp belt has low calorific value and can be used for more than 50000 hours.

Application scenario: the low-voltage lamp belt is easy to use. Just tear off the back glue and paste it to the corresponding position. It is commonly used inside household cabinets. The high-voltage lamp belt needs to be equipped with a buckle. It is generally used in places rarely touched, such as the ceiling.

Price level: in terms of unit price, there is little difference between the two. The high-voltage lamp belt uses high-voltage power supply with low cost, but the DC power per meter used by low-voltage lamp can reach 15 watts, which is high cost. Therefore, on the whole, the price of low-voltage lamp belt is higher than that of high-voltage lamp belt.

Difficult and easy installation: the high-voltage lamp belt needs to use high-voltage driver, and most of them are available at the factory, so the installation is very simple. It can be used when connected to high-current power supply. The low-voltage lamp must be installed with DC in advance, and the process is more complex.

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