How to replace a Bedroom LED Lights by yourself when the lighting fixture doesn't light up?

There are indeed many types of bedroom lamps. It is easy to suddenly turn off in the process of use, but most family owners have not solved these problems, so there are more and more problems. You can see how to repair the LED light in the bedroom when it suddenly doesn't light up, and choose some appropriate maintenance methods, which will make it easier to repair. In addition, you can also learn how to replace the LED light when it doesn't light up. When it is necessary to replace it, it can be solved by professionals immediately.






Bedroom LED light suddenly does not light up how to repair ?
The LED light in the bedroom suddenly doesn't light up. It may be that the zero line is broken and the LED light is excited by inductive electricity. Focus on the zero line in the switch box. It may not be connected properly. Maybe the lamp is broken. Change the lamp. The first step is to turn off the lighting air switch. It's important that we all turn off the electricity before repairing the electrical appliances. 

1. Turn off the switch, with the help of the folding ladder, remove the shell of the LED ceiling lamp, and check whether the lamp tube is dark. If so, it is likely that the lamp has been damaged. It must be replaced. This led lamp can be bought in hardware stores. It is recommended to choose a well-known brand.
2. If the lamp tube is still intact, try to tighten the lamp tube joint to see if there is poor contact. This situation is also relatively simple and easy to occur.
3. If none of the above problems occur, you can check whether the ballast is intact, whether there is a burning smell, and whether there is a black burning phenomenon on the appearance of the ballast. If so, it is likely to be the problem of the ballast. Just replace one. The ballast is more expensive than the lamp.
4. Is to check whether the contact of the LED lamp is energized. If not, it should be a switch or circuit problem.
5. The color and pattern of cloth ornaments such as curtains and bedspreads should be unified to avoid the color and pattern of the room being too complicated and messy. In addition, for the bedroom with small area, the decorative materials should choose warm color and light flower patterns.
6. The bedroom of the old should choose the cool color system of blue and green, and the pattern should also be delicate and elegant; The color of children's room should be novel and bright, and the pattern should also be lively; Young people's bedroom should choose novel and chic, cheerful and relaxed patterns. If the room is dark and the light is insufficient, it is best to choose light and warm colors.
According to the above operation, the cause of the defect can be basically found from the lamp cap to the circuit. At the same time, we should also pay attention not to turn on and off the LED ceiling lamp in a hurry, which will produce impulse current and affect the service life. At the same time, we should also maintain the air circulation in the room to avoid heavy moisture in the room.

The above introduction is about how to repair the LED lamp in the bedroom when it suddenly doesn't light up. In the process of bedroom decoration, the selection of lamps is also particularly key. If the selection of bedroom decoration materials often fails, it will often affect the effect and role of family life. You can also see how the LED light should be replaced when it doesn't light up, understand the installation methods and precautions of some bedroom lamps, master the problems of the use of various lamps, and make effective preparations for protection.