How to use LED lights to create a warm and comfortable home?

Core tip: lamps are not only lighting tools, but also the use of lamps and even the design of light sources.

In the past, lamps were just tools for lighting, which could make the light transparent; Now, the lamp is not only a lamp, but also a lighting decoration. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the soul of indoor soft decoration design.

A warm and comfortable home space must have lighting design and layout. Lighting integrates its beautiful shape, color, pattern and artistic effect with interior decoration, and reasonably arranges the lighting location and lamp types, so as to create a more friendly home space. Therefore, lighting lamps should be selected scientifically according to the use function of the living room.

 LED Lights For Porch

Whether the porch is beautiful and appropriate directly affects the decoration of the whole house, so we should be careful. There is no natural lighting in the porch, and there should be enough artificial lighting to improve the poor lighting. Warm and cold lights can be used in the porch. Warm colors create warmth, and cold colors are more refreshing. The fashionable wall lamp is not only decoration, but also lighting, killing two birds with one stone.

 LED Lights For a living room 

The living room has the functions of family chatting, watching TV, playing games, receiving guests and so on. Lamps are needed to create a warm atmosphere. The interactive matching of main lighting and auxiliary lighting is usually used. The indoor mood can be added by adjusting the brightness and highlights, but the overall style must be coordinated.
At present, the light sources on the market that can adjust the light brightness mainly include ordinary incandescent lamp and dimmable LED bulb / lamp belt. With dimming switch, it can be adjusted to the appropriate brightness at different times. Bright and solemn chandelier or ceiling lamp is the first choice.

 LED Lights For Bedroom

Bedroom is the most important rest and private space for people. Of course, softness, comfort and tranquility are the most important. Choosing light with low illuminance and low color temperature can promote sleep, but it can't be too dark to avoid depression.
In the process of using the bedroom, people's line of sight is upward or oblique for most of the time. The lights such as chandeliers or ceiling lamps are too concentrated and dazzling. Strong light affects vision for a long time, which will have an irreversible impact on vision. Replace the hanging light with the light slot light, so that the light is softer and there is no exposed light source. Moreover, the light of the lamp slot is enough to meet the general lighting function in the bedroom.

 LED Lights For restaurant

The function of light is imperceptibly related to human taste and psychology, so it is particularly important to choose restaurant lamps. Most of the actions of the restaurant take place around the table. A chandelier or a group of chandeliers can complete most of the work on the table, which requires that the lighting of the restaurant needs warm and comfortable colors, sufficient brightness, and match with the surrounding tables, chairs and tableware to form a visual beauty to enhance the appetite of the family.
Therefore, the center of gravity of the light should be reduced. It is better for the chandelier to be about 650mm away from the desktop.

 LED Lights For Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important operating space for Chinese people. The particularity of the kitchen determines that the lighting is more practical.
The basic lighting of the kitchen is designed to provide uniform brightness for the whole room. There are many types of lamps, such as chandeliers, ceiling lamps, or downlights. In order to facilitate washing, cutting and cooking, ceiling lamps or embedded lamps can be used to provide sufficient light. Wall lamps or track lamps can also be installed where special lighting is required.
If it is necessary to add lighting for table operation, it is recommended to select a light source with color rendering of more than 85, which can make the color performance of food more real.

 LED Lights For Washing room

The bathroom is a place where we wash every day and can enjoy a person's quiet time. Therefore, we need not only a bright environment, but also a soft and warm light source, but also the lighting that does not affect sleep when we use the toilet at night. Therefore, it is necessary to set an adjustable lighting combination mode.
For example, independent lighting lamps can be set next to the vanity mirror, and wall lamps can be installed on the mirror or wall of the lavatory basin. The ultimate goal is to fully illuminate the key parts of each bathroom.

 LED Lights For Study

The study is a private space second only to the master bedroom, so the lighting design should follow the principle of bright, soft and stable brightness.
Desk, bookcase and reading area are areas that need key lighting. Lamps with directional light and adjustable angle can be selected above the desk to ensure the intensity of light and avoid dazzling light sources. Several small spotlights can be installed in the bookcase to irradiate from top to bottom. This kind of lighting can not only make it convenient for us to find books, but also maintain the temperature and prevent books from being wet and moldy.
If conditions permit, it is best to equip an eye protection table lamp, which can not only solve the problem of red light color and low contrast of incandescent lamps, but also solve the visual damage caused by the stroboscopic flash of energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps

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