What is TuYa WiFi smart LED controller?

Tuya intelligent controller is an intelligent LED controller for controlling constant voltage LED panel lights and LED light strips based on the intelligent ecology of TUYA company.

Tuya WiFi intelligent LED controller is widely used in home decoration industry, hotel and home stay industry and real estate industry. Cooperate with Tuya intelligent ecology to provide whole house intelligent solutions. Graffiti WiFi smart LED controller can be remotely controlled by Tuya smart app mobile phone, and can also be controlled by voice switch with tmall elf smart speaker, Amazon smart speaker, Xiaoai classmate and Xiaodu smart speaker. Graffiti WiFi intelligent LED controller can adjust the lights in red, green, blue and white according to the instructions. It can beat according to the rhythm of music, and can also make use of the principle of red, green and blue of LED light source according to different scene requirements. Under the control of algorithm and chip, the three colors can be mixed arbitrarily to form the combination and change of different light colors, so as to realize rich and colorful visual effects. 

WiFi intelligent LED controller can provide different scene modes to create an atmosphere of demand for people's life. For example, during daily reading, you can adjust the white lighting generated by the light band for reading; When couples in love get along alone, turn the room light to pink to create a romantic and warm environment; Adjust the sleep mode when you want to sleep to form a lighting environment suitable for sleep. All profile adjustments can be done not only on the mobile graffiti app. Graffiti WiFi intelligent LED controller can also be completed with the infrared remote control provided by our company for you. Let you enjoy the smart life in your palm.

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