3 installation methods of LED panel lamps with lighting diagram

LED panel lamp is an ultra-thin energy-saving, environment-friendly and safe LED lighting lamp. This panel lamp adopts new LED light source technology, which has the advantages of good color consistency, multiple optional color temperatures, high brightness, long service life, low energy consumption, green environmental protection and so on. So what are the installation methods of LED panel lamps? Let's use a set of drawings of LED panel lamp installation to solve the difficult installation friends and understand several ways of LED panel lamp installation.

Installation mode I: ceiling type
First make a few screw holes in the ceiling, then install the LED panel light sliding ceiling frame on the ceiling and fix three sides. Then slide the panel lamp into the fixed sliding mounting frame, and then screw the fourth side to fix the frame. Convenient, simple and time-saving.
Installation mode 2: steel wire hanging type
Fix the hanging wire installation part on the congenital flower board, and lock the screw (the hanging wire has been installed when it leaves the factory). The hanging wire is vertical, and hang the component on the back of the LED panel lamp. Easy to install. Consumers must pay attention to asking whether the suspension components are standard accessories or optional parts of the manufacturer.
First install the sheet metal groove on the ceiling, then fix several outward protruding brackets on the back of the LED panel lamp, and then put the panel lamp in to make the bracket coincide with the sheet metal groove on the ceiling, which can be fixed on the ceiling. However, due to the different thickness of various ceilings, it is necessary to adjust the height between the lamp surface and the support, otherwise the LED panel lamp will be higher or lower than the ceiling surface after installation.
For the above three installation methods, the following installation matters shall also be paid attention to in the actual installation process:
1. Please make sure that the power has been cut off before installation;
2. Pay attention to water, electricity and shock resistance;
3. The product uses standard working voltage. Do not exceed the working voltage range;
4. This product is only for indoor use;
5. Please read the instructions carefully before installing the product.
The above are several methods for the installation of LED panel lamps. For the installation of panel lamps, you should choose the panel lamps suitable for your own installation site.

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