Can the LED tube lights be directly connected to the old T8 T5 lamp holder?


1. First, remove and store the ordinary fluorescent tube on the light tube support, remove the decorative mask on the support, and then depending on the ballast form used by the original fluorescent tube.

2. When refitting, first remove the starter s on the light tube support, then remove the two power wires on the inductive ballast terminals a and B in the support, and then short connect the two wires  wrap them with electrical insulating tape.

3. In order to prevent the refitted light pipe support from mistakenly installing ordinary fluorescent tubes, a label shall be pasted at an obvious position inside the support, indicating that "this lamp basin is only suitable for installing LED fluorescent lamps". After checking that the wires are correctly connected, the decorative mask can be installed, and the appropriate LED fluorescent tubes can be installed on this light pipe support for power on and lighting.

Remark: If you don't want to change the circuit, just remove the starter. In this way, the original inductance is also consuming electric energy. If you want to save energy, you can directly connect the two ends of the support to 220 v. the LED lamp has a built-in power supply.