How to connect the LED point light source?

 LED point light source is a new lighting engineering decoration design lighting engineering lamps, embedded with full intelligent integrated IC, which can be manipulated according to the written program to complete the practical effects of seven color gradient, oscillation, scanner, water flow and so on; Several point light sources can also be used to form a dot matrix screen, and the actual effects of various pattern designs, texts and special effects can not be measured; The LED point light source must be connected. How to connect the LED point light source?

1. Strip the wire. Strip each end of the wire about 5cm up and down.

2. Wiring, slowly from the power supply, connect the lines of the two pin power plug to the 220V power connector of the 12V power supply, and connect the L and N pins respectively. Plug in the power supply from the back, and a green indicator light will light up.

3. Connect the point light source to the controller and 12V power supply. There is a current direction behind the point light source battery (the power supply must follow the direction of the arrow icon, otherwise it will be unable to control or the point will not light up, or even damage the point light source). The line pin is marked, such as the first pin 12V (connected to the positive pole of the power supply), the second pin Dai (data signal input) and the third pin GND (connected to the negative pole of the power supply).

The outgoing line of the 12V working group is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and GND is connected to the negative pole of the power supply and GND of the controller. The Dai power line is connected to the controller DA / A. if there are many light strings, it can be connected to the corresponding DA / A. The controller has four emergency exits, out1, out2, out3 and out4. Each emergency exit has three wires, DA / A, CK / B and GND.

The LED point light source connected to the data signal only needs to be equipped with DA / a pin and GND pin (GND should be connected with the negative stage of the power supply). The serial data signal must be connected with three lines, and it can be carried out according to the corresponding connection of the battery lines of the lamp one by one.

4. After wiring, check it, and then plug the 12V power plug and the controller power plug into the communication AC 220V power socket respectively. After power on, you can explain the desired lighting according to the operating procedures.

Commodity characteristics of LED point light source:

①.  Imported high brightness integrated IC is selected, with very low output power and long service life;

②.  The moisture-proof design scheme is constructed, and the LED bulb and operation part are detachable, which is convenient for installation and maintenance;

③. Integrated lens, improve light efficiency and reduce environmental pollution;

④. Waterproof grade IP65, UV resistance, flame resistance; It can reasonably ensure the reliability of lighting fixtures in outdoor natural environment all day.

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