How to repair the LED soft light strip when the LED strip light bands are broken?

 Abstract: LED soft light strip has been widely used in various lighting products and is the first choice of green lighting. However, there are always some problems in the use of LED light belt. So how to repair the broken LED light bar? What's the reason why the LED light doesn't come on? The following small series will introduce you to the cause analysis and solution of the problem of LED soft light band.

A、 How to repair the broken LED light bar

After a little observation, you can see the lighting landscape made by many LED soft light belts around you, which also reflects the universality of the use of LED soft light belts. If you are not familiar with the product or use it improperly, you may have one or another problems. Let's analyze the reasons for the problems of LED soft light band.

1. Phenomenon: the light and dark in a word are evenly distributed one by one.

Reason: This is mainly caused by the wide spacing of LED soft light strips and the insufficient thickness of words. Some can even clearly see the shadow of the LED soft light belt through the board. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the distance of the LED soft light belt.

2. Phenomenon: different light color distributions appear in luminous words. There may be cold white light, warm white light and white light, which looks mottled.

Reason: This is mainly caused by the inconsistency of white light color and serious color difference. Some customers need white LED soft light band, but after installing it, they will find that the color difference is serious, so they must not be greedy for small and cheap. They should buy LED soft light band products produced by regular manufacturers, so as to have quality assurance. Otherwise, the above problems will be easily caused if the light distribution is not meticulous.

3. Phenomenon: the luminous words made of LED soft light band have low brightness and look very dim.

Reason: This is due to the serious light failure of the purchased LED soft lamp belt. The LED soft lamp belt with poor quality may feel very bright at the beginning, but the light failure will be particularly serious in the past three or five months, and the service life will be greatly shortened.

4. Phenomenon: a stroke or a word of LED luminous words made of LED soft light band is not bright.

Cause: this may be caused by power supply problems or hidden dangers left in the installation of advertising companies. For example, this phenomenon may be caused by disconnection of content or error of a certain LED soft light band.

Only by finding the right reason and applying the right medicine to the case can we solve the problems. More importantly, when consumers buy LED soft lamp belt products, they must not only focus on the price but also look at the quality. When they buy LED lamp belt products with big brands, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the after-sales service is more reassuring.

B、 What's going on if the LED light doesn't come on

1. Transport damage

The packaging protection of LED lamp belt is not perfect, resulting in the impact and damage of lamp beads during transportation.

The welding point of LED lamp belt has false welding phenomenon. The vibration during transportation causes the welding point to fall off, resulting in the lamp belt not lighting.

2. Unqualified solder quality

The amount of soldering tin of LED flexible lamp belt is small, and the solder joint is easy to fall off.

The solder quality of LED flexible lamp belt is poor, and the solder joints of LED flexible lamp belt are easy to crack and fall off during bending

3. Installation damage

The bending angle of LED flexible lamp belt is too large during installation, resulting in the separation of LED flexible lamp belt solder joint and copper foil, resulting in no lighting.

When the LED flexible lamp belt is installed, the product is excessively squeezed, resulting in the damage of the LED flexible lamp belt chip or the deformation and falling off of the solder joint.

The solder resist layer of LED flexible lamp with circuit board is too thick, so the solder and circuit board can not be completely integrated during welding, which is also a phenomenon of false welding.

The LED flexible lamp belt shall not be twisted during installation. If it is twisted, the solder joint of the LED flexible lamp belt will fall off and will not light up.

Static electricity burns out, because the LED is an electrostatic sensitive element. If the electrostatic protection measures are not taken, the chip will burn out.

3、 LED lamp with common fault maintenance

1. LED light band does not light up

There are generally two situations when the light band is not on. One is that the whole light band is not on, and the other is that only one part is not on. The former may be caused by the power failure caused by the falling off of the plug, or the connector and socket are broken. Just check whether the plug is firmly inserted or broken. The second problem is relatively common. There may be many kinds of problems. One is damaged during transportation, such as falling of welding joint or poor welding. The other is that the LED lamp may be burned out due to voltage. This is very obvious. Generally, there will be signs of burning out. You can check it carefully. The solution is also relatively simple. After cutting off the power supply, cut off the section that doesn't light, and then prepare a two-way interface plug and plug it in at both ends.

2. LED lights cannot be switched

If it is a light band that will change color or light, there are many cases where the lights cannot be switched. The key is to find the reason first. The reason for such a problem may be a problem with the regulator. Carefully check to see if the interface is not firm or the regulator is broken. If it is a problem with the interface, just plug it firmly, If the regulator is broken, it should be purchased and replaced.

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