What are the models of SMD LEDs Light source?

SMD: it is short for surface mounted devices.

For each model of these LED chip beads, many led CHIP manufacturers can produce different types of light beads with different specifications and colors.
This is mainly due to the fact that at this stage, the packaging type of patch LED beads has become a more commonly used type of LED beads. 

SMD5730 (SMD5630) belongs to Samsung's high-power structure, each 0.5W, and the use current is 100-150mA

SMD3030 is a high-power structure of CREE. Each one is 1W, and the current used is 300-350ma. This structure also has 3W light beads (actually 2W, current 600mA)

SMD3014 is a low-power, 0.1W each, and the use current is 30mA. Due to the use of bottom heat dissipation, it is higher than the conventional low-power current

The SMD2835 is a low-power one, each with 0.1W and 0.2W, and the use current is 30mA and 60mA. Due to the use of bottom heat dissipation, the heat dissipation area is larger than SMD3014, so the current can also be larger. Of course, the chip size should be considered. Some people also make it 0.3w and 0.5W

SMD3528 belongs to conventional low power, each 0.06w, and the service current is within 20mA

The SMD5050 is a conventional low-power, each 0.06 * 3W, the use current is within 20 * 3mA, and there are three chips inside, so the current is three times that of the conventional

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