Why do you prefer low-voltage led flexible strip lights?


LED light band can be divided into high-voltage light band and low-voltage light band according to voltage.
The voltage of high voltage LED lamp is 220V, which is the ordinary household voltage. Also called AC light band.
The voltage of low-voltage LED lamp band is 12V and 24V. In addition, there are 3V, 36V and other low-voltage designs, also known as DC lamp band.
The high-voltage LED lamp band works with 220V voltage, which belongs to dangerous voltage and is suitable for places out of human contact. The installation of high-voltage lamp belt is simpler than that of low-voltage lamp belt. It can be directly driven by high-voltage driver and connected to household power supply. Usually, one power supply of high-voltage LED lamp belt can be carried for 30-50 meters. In the process of use, due to high voltage, the calorific value per unit length is much more than that of low-voltage LED lamp belt, which directly affects the service life of high-voltage lamp belt, Generally speaking, the service life of high-voltage lamp belt is about 10000 hours.
The low-voltage LED lamp belt belongs to safe voltage under the operation of DC voltage. Human contact is harmless and can be used in a variety of occasions.
Such as home decoration, lighting of outdoor buildings, atmosphere lighting design of shopping malls, landscape lighting design, lighting design of parks, roads and bridges, low-voltage LED light strips can be selected.
The low-voltage LED lamp strip is generally 5M and 10m long because it uses DC power supply. Beyond this length, there will be a certain voltage drop. At present, IC constant current design is used, and the longest connection length of low-voltage LED lamp strip can reach 15-30m.
Due to its good heat dissipation performance and small light attenuation, the service life of low-voltage LED lamp belt can be as long as 30000-50000 hours.
High voltage LED lamp belt and low voltage LED lamp belt have their own advantages and disadvantages. In practical application, the lamp belt can be purchased according to the actual use occasion.


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